Are you looking for a job?

Whether you are looking for a job or a parent who wants to help your teen find and keep a job, this book is for you!


Author Jim Comiskey provides strategies he’s shared with hundreds of young people throughout his successful career as an entrepreneur, lecturer, business consultant and Fortune 500 manager.


You’ll learn:

  • How to pick a job you'll enjoy
  • What you need to do to get hired from writing resumes to acing interviews
  • How to work with co-workers and your boss
  • Strategies that will help you get and keep a job


Because Jim was the owner of a successful chain of retail stores, he hired and trained hundred of teens and young adults over many years. He shares his expertise in an easy to understand fashion.


This book is unique because it allows you to learn both through topic-driven text and through the story-telling format of a script. Following the story in the book, you will learn the unwritten rules and secrets of success about how to get and keep a job in today’s world. Questions in each section will provide the opportunity for you to reflect on how you can apply this information to your own goals and plans.


Besides the obvious benefit of earning money, having a job listed on a resume along with the letters of recommendation from first employers (whether it is work for money or unpaid) will help you to:


Be competitive for entry-level jobs in the field of your choice

The world of work has changed dramatically in the last decade. Employers look for individuals who not only have the education required, but also the experience. Having a resume that includes a job history gives you a leg up in getting a first career position.


Secure part-time jobs and internships

To have the opportunity to learn the work-specific skills of the career path you have chosen—skills you won’t learn in a classroom—it makes sense to secure entry-level work in the industry of your choice - whether it is paid or volunteer.


Get into college

Today colleges, particularly top–rated colleges, recognize that potential students who work prior to college probably also have the drive and the focus to be successful after they graduate.


A Teen’s Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job can help every step of the way. By working through the book, you will gain the skills and traits you need to impress any potential employer. It is a wonderful investment in any student’s future.

Instructor’s Guide coming soon!


The Instructor’s Guide helps you as a teacher structure the curriculum in ways that will intrigue students and enliven the classroom.

It also allows you to take full advantage of the activities, case studies and story-telling format of the scripts in the text to encourage your students to explore the topics that will assure career success. An essential tool for teachers!