Several years ago, early versions of A Teen’s Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job by Jim Comiskey were given to a group of experienced teachers around the country for their impartial evaluation. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Below are some examples of their feedback.




"This is one of the finest packages I have ever reviewed that saves teacher classroom instructional TIME!"

James R. Campbell, Frisco, TX, Teacher for 16 years



"The complete package! This is an awesome textbook, I'm really impressed."

Tracey L. Bagley, Plantation, F, Teacher for 6 years



"I find all of your materials valuable for both teachers and students. They are all creative, interesting and dynamic."

Judy M. Alexaitis, Del Rio, TX, Teacher for 11 years



"I thought they were excellent and really helpful in the classroom of today, especially because of their relevancy. This text and its support organize the material excellently. It is very user-friendly, even for the novice teacher. It's just what is needed to get the teacher's thoughts flowing. The dramatization seals the deal and makes the student workbook a jewel."

Theo Smith, Jr., Jonesboro, GA, Teacher for 12 years



"I believe [A Teen’s Guide to Career Success] to be the most comprehensive published material that I have seen. It provides a format that is user friendly for students and teachers. It aligns well with local and state assessments, providing valuable and timesaving materials."

Carol Norcross, Augusta, M., Teacher for 23 years



"It focuses on the issues of employment and career, that nearly all students are interested in and does so in a non-condescending way."

Ed Jenson, Wellsville, UT, Teacher for 34 years



"Materials are well organized and presented in a format that will hold the interest of the diverse learner. After carefully reviewing the materials, I can say that your approach of totally involving students in the learning process is one that is much needed in today's ever-changing workplace. Having worked in the industry for 20 years and then later entering the field of education, I share an appreciation for the materials that you have prepared. Students need the active learning concepts to utilize in the classroom. You have skillfully presented the use of curriculum integration to enhance and nurture the developing adolescence…. The materials that I have evaluated could stand alone without any changes. I would highly recommend A Teen’s Guide to Career Successs because you have included a wealth of strategies and concepts that can be applied in any learning environment. Experienced teachers can take the materials presented and create wonderful learning opportunities for the student. New teachers will find very well organized, planned, and researched materials that will promote and stimulate learning. Teens will acquire a greater appreciation and value for these resources that will help them develop into successful adults."

Carolyn Banks, Laurinberg, NC, Teacher for 12 years



"I was very pleased with the format and ease of the materials to understand and use. I love the script-format. It kept me interested and entertained."

Vicky Ratliff, Harold, KY, Teacher for 18 years



"It has an open approach and presents information with a variety of good activities. Kids do not get enough real world writing skills in classes; instead they have too many essays on topics that are not useful. Your resume project is a valuable one. You could not have organized more clearly; all a teacher needs to do is follow the steps. It is a superior work. It is excellent to use frequently and helps students organize their thinking. It is wonderful for both hemisphere styles of the brain; it helps "right brainies" to become more convergent and "left brainies" to diverge. I like your rubrics, they let students know what to expect to be graded on and they make the process more objective for the evaluator. This is a powerful real world guide."

Janet Rabin, Cherry Hill, NJ, Teacher for 25 years, (10 years as the district career 
program coordinator)



"The students can easily understand and use the text. I believe these materials are an excellent curriculum source for teachers and students. The text provides comprehensive, hands on activities, which stimulate the mind and force creative thinking in a positive manner. The readings and exercises are written at the teenage level, which will peak the student's interest. All of the materials are easy and fun to read for both the teacher and student. In all classrooms, evaluation is a key component to the learning process. These materials provide exercises that are clear to evaluate so that the teacher has a true understanding of the student's level of comprehension. The materials take into consideration that all students learn differently and each type of learner is addressed in the way that the information is presented. As a career fields teacher I find this an essential tool for all career teachers. It is quite unique for a standard textbook/workbook component."

Caroline Wagner, Mt. Laurel, NJ, Teacher for 13 years



"The students are afforded opportunities to become participants, not just 'note-takers' and 'memorizers'…. All in all, A Teen’s Guide to Career Success is a wonderful, innovative program for a high school student. I am now looking forward to the implementation in my classroom!"

Catherine Miles, Richmond, OH, Teacher for 31 years



"The layout is complete and easy to adopt. Often career or life skills teachers are career teachers who have never worked in the business arena and this format assures learning for both the teacher and student. As educators, we need to realize that the majority of students will never attend or finish college and yet the majority of college-educated individuals depend on non-graduates to repair, create and support our daily lives. They sell, recommend, and maintain our homes, cars and lifestyles. Yet we refuse to teach basic skills to these students. This text has well thought-out materials with valuable life skill lessons."

Carol Rask, Apple Valley, CA, Teacher for 18 years



"Information provided in this text is "right on" with regard to skills and strategies that students need to know in order to be successful in the workplace. Presentation of materials is unique and will capture the attention of most students in high school."

Becky Newell, Lafayette, IN, Teacher for 30 years



"A Teen’s Guide to Career Success gives my students an opportunity to view a world that they might never be exposed to in their life. I guess you could call it 'Thinking outside the box'. My unique population of students (I am a Special Education Teacher) does not have life experiences that encourage higher education as a priority. I want them to know they have choices."

Dianne Swartz, Ocean Springs, MS, Teacher for 18 years



"The layout is fantastic; the story is amazing, the questions and general level of expectation from students is right-on. The materials are flexible. It feels current and very 'real world'."

Monica Hammonds, Santa Barbara, CA, Teacher for 11 years



"Your textbook is a wonderful learning tool where teachers can teach the 'real world' stuff those students always want to learn. …The Case Studies Sections are informative to the audience and are extremely helpful to the facilitator because of their ability to interest students through a writing piece that evokes a feeling of 'It's just like me'. Similar to a short story, these vignettes have the student-reader look into a moment in time in a character's life, with situations that mirror our student's life. This connection piques the interest of the student and lets the student who might be in a similar position, have a chance to verbalize their concerns and not be afraid to make suggestions. This could spark lively student discussions if presented properly and allowed to develop in cooperative group settings."

Christine Reminen, Homestead, FL, Teacher for 13 years



"The materials are geared towards 'real world' practice and understanding. Plus,they fit into state competency requirements for vocational classes. Students will really stop and think about possible careers during and after, completing their projects and assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these materials. They are targeting critical areas that students will face in their futures."

Elizabeth Sparks, Buckeye, AZ, Teacher for 13 years