Whether your students are entering the workforce right after graduation or going on to post-secondary education or training, a job is in their future.


This unique format:


  • Increases student engagement and, therefore, information retention


  • Provides a “double dose” of reading in the guise of employability skill-building


  • Facilitates learning in context rather than rote memorizations


  • Encourages reluctant readers to stretch themselves by reading aloud as one of the characters in the script


In today's highly competitive workplace, young people need to understand the best employment strategies. Simply reading the table of contents makes it clear that entrepreneur, Fortune 500 manager, business consultant, and educator Jim Comiskey imparts sophisticated concepts in an engaging way that will help students become valued and productive workers.


The structure of the curriculum will intrigue your students and enliven your classroom. Woven throughout the text, activities, and case studies, the story-telling format of a script allows the readers to follow a group of high school students and their mentors as they explore the topics that will assure career success.



This book is Ideal for CTE and Career Pathway programs, and you’ll want to integrate this curriculum into your school.



Instructor’s Guide coming soon!



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An invaluable resource

in the classroom