The Instructor's Guide...


  • Outlines the content rich text and activities


  • Supports the use of story telling, role playing to motivate students to participate


  • Highlights opportunities to encourage STEM and continued education


  • Offers additional techniques for student involvement


  • Suggests community resources and participation


  • Adds vocabulary and workplace terms


  • Provides a pacing guide for planning


  • Encourages additional discussion and research


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The Instructor’s Guide will make it easy to structure the curriculum in ways that will intrigue students and enliven the classroom. It allows teachers to take full advantage of the activities, case studies and the story-telling format of the scripts to encourage the students to explore the topics that will assure career success.


Instructor's Guide

Graphic, interactive and fun, A Teen’s Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job covers what students should know before entering any kind of work-based learning program. It is a goldmine of tips, tactics, and strategies for first time job seekers that not only takes them through applying and interviewing for a job, but it also helps them understand what they need to know and do when they actually get a job.


Now, to allow teachers to take full advantage of this unique text, authors Jim Comiskey and trainer/consultant Penelope C. Paine have created

the Instructor’s Guide that provides the framework and

implementation support to insure a successful experience for all students investigating of the world of work.